Frequently Asked Questions

What benefit is there to having my carpet clean?

What does Signature Carpet Care offer me?

What makes you unique from other service providers?

What confidence do I have that you are able to fulfill my needs?

What kind of equipment do you offer?

How does steam cleaning work?

How does steam cleaning work?

Steam-cleaning or hot water extraction initially involves the application of a detergent based solution. After appropriate dwell time, a pressurized manual or automatic cleaning tool (such as a wand) passes over the surface several times to thoroughly rinse out all residue, soil and particulates.

There are benefits of steam cleaning over other methods, such as dry cleaning or bonnet methods; First, most of the soiling and spills in our homes are water soluble and can not sufficiently be flushed out of carpet fibers without the use of water. Second, hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, is the only method approved by most carpet manufacturers that will not void any of your carpet warranties. Please refer to your warranty information for guidelines and details.

What benefit is there to having my carpet professionally cleaned?

The #1 reason is for better health. Many people prefer to have linoleum or hardwood floors because they feel that it is healthier, and that carpet traps dust and dirt. While carpet does trap dust and dirt, when properly cleaned on a regular basis, it is better for your health. The hard floors allow the dust to circulate continually in the air being ingested into your lungs. Carpet acts as a whole house filter.  Hadn’t thought of that before?? It was a new thought for us in the beginning, but it is a proven fact!

Using your home or rented unit can be helpful, if used properly, for in between regular professional cleanings.  Studies have proven that nothing is more effective than professional cleaning, also when done properly, which emphasizes the importance of trained professionals.  Our technicians are trained and certified (thru the IICRC, Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) professionals.

Please visit our About Us page for more infomation about our technicians.

What does Signature Carpet Care offer me?

An excellent service experience!  Our goal is to maintain excellent customer care. With that said, we strive to treat you like our only client and give you the service that you need, expect, and deserve. Our trained and certified technicians will show the necessary care and concern to get your carpet as clean as physically possible.

Good customer service!  We are a member of the Better Business Bureau and have an ‘A’ rating on Angie’s List.  We strive to maintain our high costumer service rating by making sure that you are more than pleased from your first contact with our office through your completed service experience.

Please see our About Us page for more important information.

What makes Signature unique from other service providers?

We are a small enough company that you do not get lost in the shuffle. Yet, we are large enough to take care of you and get the job completed in a timely, professional way with excellent results that leave our clients happy and wanting to return to us when the need arises.

We too have been on the receiving end of service providers. We take our experiences and improve our company standards based on these. We strive to give the care and attention to each and every home we enter as we would our own. We will also provide you with the service experience that you expect and deserve.

Another important difference compared to other service providers is our water temperature. Why is this important?  For every 10 degrees you raise your water temperature you greatly improve the effectiveness of your cleaning solution.  On average, we’ve found other companies run water temperatures of roughly 180 degrees.  In comparison, we average 230-250 degrees, year round.

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What confidence do I have that Signature is able to fulfill my needs?

We have all of the necessary tools to complete the job to your satisfaction or we’ll return to do the job again until you are satisfied.  Understanding who we are and what we’re about will also give you confidence.

Please visit our About Us page for more information.

What kind of equipment does Signature use?

We use the finest, top of the line truck mounted equipment available to the industry. The equipment produces water temperatures for cleaning between 230-250 degrees F. Water temperature alone makes a world of difference. The higher the water temperature being used highly improves the effectiveness of the cleaning agents and facilitates faster dry time.

For purposes of complete structural drying following water damage restoration, we use Drieaz industrial size blowers and dehumidifiers that quickly and effectively aid the drying process.