Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Signature Carpet Care uses a hot water extraction process to clean your carpets. This method is often called “Steam Cleaning.” This is the cleaning method nearly all carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers recommend.
* Pretreatment *
All carpets are pretreated with special agents that breakdown and suspend the more difficult highly soiled areas for easier removal.
* Pre-spotting *
For the most difficult stains, we have a wide variety of professional spotting agents that are designed not to damage your fabrics or alter original color.
* Steam Cleaning *
Our truck powered, state of the art, equipment cleans at 230+ degrees to safely extract soil, stains, and bacteria.  There is a delicate balance with water temperature, you want to use hot enough water to obtain optimal cleaning results while not using water that is too hot and can damage the fibers of your carpet.
* Dry Pass *
The final step, which ensures that no soap residue remains and that carpets will generally dry between 3 – 6 hours on average. Depending on the amount of steaming needed, certain area may take longer. The use of our blowers in high traffic situations, can speed drying time drastically.
** Furniture Moving **
In a business setting, most furniture is very heavy and bulky.  We will be able to roll around office chairs as we are cleaning while most other items will be left in place unless moved completely off of the carpet before we arrive.  If you require special consideration, please let is know.  We will be happy to work with you to meet your needs.Free Estimates Are Provided At Your Site, and referencesfrom many of Columbus’s top companies are available upon request.
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