Pet Odor Treatment

There are several options to treat and remove odors caused by pets.  Urine in particular.

Each case is different.  In rare cases a regular steam cleaning can be the answer.  It will at least help with some of the odor.  In most cases some type of odor removal needs to take place.  To completely resolve your odor concerns, the source of the odor must be removed.  Any type of deodorizer, professional or otherwise, is just a temporary mask.  This will not remove the odors.

In more severe cases where the urine has made it’s way past the backing of the carpet and into the padding, there are other options.  It is important to remember though before investing any of your hard earned money into pet odor removal, that animals are creatures of habit.  Take measures to insure that your pets can no longer access these areas of your home unsupervised.  When accidents do occur, be sure to address them immediately to allow less time for the urine to soak down into the carpet.  Something that can help with this is having Carpet Protector applied.  It won’t eliminate your problem, but it will allow you more time to clean up accidents before they soak in.

Please feel free to call our office to discuss these options.  We will be happy to help.  Call us today!  We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

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